Are Lazy People Smarter than Average

Does Lazy Equal Smart

New studies show lazy people may actually be smarter than average. You may be interested in learning about these conclusions.


IQ And Boredom

There is a relationship between intelligence and boredom. Individuals with higher intelligence levels do not tend to become bored as easily as less-intelligent people. They can be stimulated by their own thoughts and their own minds.

Individuals with lower IQ levels are more likely to look outside themselves for stimulation and entertainment. Whether it is physical activity or some other activity, they often require external stimulation.

Thinkers And Non-thinkers

Intellectual pursuits require thought and concentration. These characteristics are compatible with individuals who are more mentally active than physically active.

In contrast, non-thinkers tend to avoid tasks that require these characteristics. While they may be more physically active, they are less mentally active.
Lazy People Often Have Useful Habits

A person who is considered lazy may have smarter habits, too. He is more likely to be efficient when he has a job or other task to complete. He is more likely to address inefficient methods by contradicting, questioning, or changing methods.

As he has time to ponder and think through actions before taking action, he is more likely to be patient and apply useful strategies to his tasks.

When these habits are combined, he can accomplish more than an active person with a lower IQ.
Lazy Means Smarter? Definitions Do Make A Difference

It can be easy to misinterpret some of these terms. When we say “lazy,” we are not talking about a person who sleeps all day, watches t.v. all day, has no motivation do to anything constructive, or hates to work. We are simply referring to individuals who are content with their own minds, and do not need consistent stimulation from outside sources.

When you have an important job that needs to be completed, an introvert may be the right person for the job. He can be on-task without outside assistance, plan each phase of the job to find the most efficient approach, and complete it correctly, on time.

Studies show that while IQ levels can be determined by activity levels, it is the difference between internal activity and external activity. The introvert may not appear to be doing anything, but his mind is working nearly all the time.

Thinkers are generally more creative, too. There are fewer distractions, so they can accomplish more. They are more self-aware, have mastered multi-tasking, and do not like to waste time or energy.

If a person who appears lazy is actually lost in his own thoughts, it is a sign his intelligence level is higher than average. He may not want to engage in outside activities unless he feels there is a genuine reason for it, but lazy might not be the most accurate description. After all, his mind can be very busy even if his body is not. But it is a good rule of thumb that the person who prefers to spend his time with intellectual pursuits is smarter than average.