The 12 Laws of Karma

Karma is a Sanskrit word that is defined as effect, action and fate. It can be said to be similar to Newton’s law that states that every action must have an equal and opposite reaction. Whatever you put out there into the universe, comes back to you manifold. However, Karma must not be viewed as a punishment, but as a means to learn and grow in life


Here are the 12 Important Laws of karma and How They Influence Us.

Law of Cause and Effect – Also referred to as ‘The Great Law of Karma’, it simply says that you reap what you sow. We must be conscious of the thoughts and emotions that we culture in our everyday lives as we receive exactly the same energy in return.

Law of Creation – Life does not just happen; it requires our active participation. For miracles to happen, we have to wake up. When we put out hard work and good intentions, it all comes back in a million unexpected ways. Our present life circumstances are a good indicator of our inner state. If our surroundings are not what we want to see, we have to first make the shift internally to affect the external change.

Law of Humility – To change something, we have to first accept it as it is. When we realize that we cannot change people and surroundings, it is easier to let go and find contentment. Viewing something and someone as negative causes us to nurture that energy within us. Instead, it helps to understand that everyone is on their own unique journey and turn the focus back on the Self.

Law of Growth – For us to grow in spirit, it is we who have to change, and not the people, places or situations around us. When we transform our inner state, our lives change too. Growth begins by becoming aware of our thoughts and feelings and realizing that no one can make us feel a particular way if we do not allow them to. When we change our inner state, everything around us changes as well.

Law of Responsibility – We are a reflection of what surrounds us, and what surrounds us reflects us. We must take full responsibility of what is in our life at the moment. When we feel a victim, we are undermining our potential. When we do not accept responsibility for our circumstances, we reduce our power to change them too.

Law of Connection – Everything is connected to everything in the universe. We must take one step after another to reach the destination, and every step is as vital as the last one. Even if something that we are engaged in may seem inconsequential at the moment, it is essential that it gets done as it is all connected. Our past, present and future are all synced, and the only way to know it is by being present in the now.

Law of Focus – Whatever we focus on is what grows in our lives. When we think about the negative, we attract more of it. By becoming aware of what we are focused on, we can truly shift our experiences and create a new life.

Law of Giving and Hospitality – If we advocate something to be true, then sometime in our life we will be called upon to live our truth. It is crucial that our behaviors match what we preach.

Law of Here and Now – Living in the past or future robs us of being totally in the present moment. Old thoughts and patterns of behavior prevents us from culturing new ones. Being present totally in the here and now is the only we can experience life and reach consciousness.

Law of Change – Our experiences are there for us to grow and evolve. They also have a way of repeating themselves when we refuse to learn the lessons that is being presented to us.

Law of Patience and Reward – True joy and peace comes from doing what we are meant to be doing, and having the faith that the reward will come in its own time. We must trust the Higher power whose timing is always perfect. It is important to be totally in the moment and be in tune the flow of life instead of being anxious about the end result.

Law of Significance and Inspiration – The law is about the intent and level of energy that we put into any work. The results that we get from it are exactly what we have put into it. Every loving contribution inspires the Whole.

The above mentioned laws of karma are always in play, whether we notice it or not. Knowing about the laws is helpful in making correct choices for ourselves and for all those around us.